Monday, July 18, 2005

Stupendous Headlines: Thief strips man of underwear

Thief strips man of underwear, cash
By: Resha Desai
July 18, 2005

Rakesh Jha (30, name changed on request) lost more than just his luggage and money on the Madgaon-Mumbai Express on July 15.

The thief even made off with his underwear in which were Rs 23,000, credit cards and his driver’s license.

Police believe the thief sedated Jha and then stole his valuables. An enraged Jha now plans to visit Union minister for Railways, Lalu Prasad Yadav, to seek redressal of his problems.

Here, try some juice

Jha, a medical rep from Andheri, took the Madgaon Express from Vasco for Mumbai at around 9 am on Friday.

“A tall man in my compartment struck up a conversation and even offered me some tea, which I refused,” says Jha. After a meal of chicken biryani, Jha dozed off.

“At around 1 pm, the train had just reached Kankavli station when the man put a tetra pack of fruit juice in my hands. I was half asleep but when I saw a few passengers drinking the same juice, I drank mine and went to sleep. I remember thinking that perhaps the train had provided it free or the man was just being generous,” said Jha.

Wake up

Jha awoke only when a ticket collector roused him at CST at around 11 pm. To his horror, Jha realised his bags were stolen (contained photographs of his wedding, marriage certificate and clothes).

Sharma, still drowsy, gave his family’s contact number to the collector who informed the police.

Sharma was taken to St George Hospital, CST. The doctors at the hospital realised that though Sharma was fully clothed his underwear was missing.

Jha was discharged after a day during which he was kept under observation. It is believed that a strong sedative was mixed in the juice that was given to him.

What: Valuables robbed from man’s underwear
Where: Madgaon-Mumbai train
How: Co-passenger befriends him, offers sedative-laced fruit juice
Then: Strips
him, steals valuables hidden in underwear

Moral of the Story

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