Friday, June 03, 2005

Trip down memory lane: Good ol' Ads

Remember these ads??

Pan Parag:
(Very famous ad): Featuring Shammi Kapoor
and Ashok Kumar and their wives (one of them was Asha
Lata, maybe? They were the typical maa-wife roleplayer

Scene: Shehnai playing in the background, it is the house where the wedding is supposed to take place, which is the bride's house, and it happens to be Ashok Kumar's house.

His wife: AKW: Suniye, ladki ke maa-baap aaye hain

AK: Arrey, aaiye, aaiye (ha ha ha ha ha, mandatory laughter from all four members)

SK: Baarat... thik 8 baje pahunch jaayegi. Par hum aapse ek baat to kehne bhool hi gaye!

(Shehnai stops, and sudden jarring music is played on keyboard while AK and his wife share a worried look... thinking... DOWRY!)

SK: Ghabraiye nahin, hume kuch nahin chahiye! Hum to sirf itna chahte hain ki aap baraatiyon ka swagat... Pan Parag se kijiye!

AK (relieved): Oh-ho, Pan Parag! Humein kya maloom tha aap bhi Pan Parag ke shaukeen hain... (he pulls out a tin can from under his shawl) Yeh lijiye Pan Parag

(closeup of SK's face which brightens up): PAN PARAG!

(singer, probably Priti Sagar): Pan Parag, pan masala Pan Parag

Khatir-daari mein zaroori, iske bina mehfil adhoori, Pan parag, paan masala Pan parag

Pan Parag (another ad) : Starts with Jalal Agha moving around in some party where some female friend gives him a compliment

Female: Aaj kal to bade chhaye hue ho TV par.. Pan Parag aur kya kya.. kabhi hamey bhi to khilaao Jalal agha :Shukriya.. yeh lijiye and takes out a pouch from his pocket

Moves ahead and meets another fatso typical pan eater guy whom Jalal Agha offers a pouch. That fellow says "Ek se mera kya hoga"
Jalal Agha : To aap 2 lijiye..
Itne me ek husky awaaz "aur mere liye...
Camera moves to Jalal Agha's face and to the person besides him with camera moving up to show a bearded giant sized man smiling at him..
Jalal Agha takes out a string of Pan Parag pouches from his leather jacket.
Laxman Sylvania : The early ad didn't have the singing bit. It was just Asrani who was a servant. And the lamps in the house all go phut at the same time, so his mistress sends him over to the store to buy Sylvania Laxman bulbs. He tries to remember, but by the time he reaches the store (owned by Viju Khote), he has
forgotten what it was called...

Asrani: Ey bhai, Raam Laxman bulb dena!


Asrani: Aji kaise dukaandaar hain aap! Duniya bhar mein mashoor (and even at this point, VK starts to understand what A wants and starts to pick it out), uttam quality ka bana....

VK: To Laxman Sylvania bulb chahiye tumhein

Asrani: Haan haan wohi, lekin ek nahin chhar.

VK: Chhar?


There was this ad for Bajaj tubes/bulbs, where there is a small boy..

“Jab main chota ladka tha,
Badi shararat karta tha,
Meri chori pakadi jaati (shown reading a comic with torch light under his rug when parents gate crash his room )……
Roshni hoto bajaj!”

When the person is young yaad nahi aa raha..
"Kya rangeen jawani thi,
Ek raja aur ek raani thi..
Dono chup kar milte thee….
Jab Roshni hoto Bajaj…"

And when he is an old man

“Ab main bilkul Buddha hoon,
Goli khakar jeeta hoon,
Lekin aaj bhi ghar ke andar (shown opening refrigerator trying to have cake,when his wife walks in),
Roshni hoto bajaj!”

Casper Mosquito Repellent: This was more of a Video-ad than a TV ad, but it DID feature on TV. Scene shows a family of mom-dad-bro and sis.

Male voice(Milind Ingle): Maccharon ko jisse lagta hai dar

Kids chorus: Woh hai Casper!

Male voice: Woh chemical jismein dugna asar!

Kids chorus: Woh hai Casper!

Male voice: Shaam se lekar subah tak jale!

Kids chorus: Woh hai Casper!

Male voice: Jismein ek nahin, DO conductor!

Kids chorus: Woh hai Casper!

(voice over): Bhaarat mein pehli baar! Electronic mosquito repellent, Casper!

Colgate Tooth Powder: Two versions of the tooth powder ad.

Version one: muscular country bumpkin is out in the yard, with his weights, in front of a couple of buffalo.

Bumpkin: Arrey Bhabhi, zara mera doodh-badaam aur koyla dena to!

Bhabhi: Arrey wah, devarji, badan ke doodh-badaam, aur daaton ke liye koyla?!

[Scene change, shows graphic of gums and teeth up close]

Voice-over: Khurdare padaarth daaton ki parakh kharaab kar sakte hain.... [Use Colgate Tooth Powder, blah blah blah]

Prestige Cooker: The original ad features a wife slaving away in the kitchen while her mother-in-law relaxes in the living room and the hubby is at work (I think). The wife is reaaaaallllyyy overworked and understandably loses it, and starts throwing kitchenware into the living room, and the other people in the house watch each utensil go over their heads like a tennis game.

Voice over: Phenk do yeh kadhaai, bekchi, yeh frying pan Inse nata todo. (The last sentence is accompanied by a huge wok landing in the postman's hands)

(Heaven, or the exhaust fan, slowly lowers a Prestige Pressure Cooker into the wife's hands) Prestige se naata jodo

Prestige Pressure Cooker. Fry kare, deep fry kare, chun chun sikaai kare.
Jhat ubaale, pat pressure de [Cue to loud whistle] Prestige Pressure Cooker. Jo biwi se karein pyaar, woh Prestige se kaise karein inkaar!

Marlex Pressure Cooker Ad The Jingle goes like

"Marlex.. Marlex pressure cooker..
Khaana jaldi pakaaye.. kaisi seeti bajaaye..
Marlex .. Marlex pressure cooker"

Godrej Shaving Cream: An early-mid 80s ad for Godrej Shaving Cream features Vivek Vaswani as some sort of nervous reporter who is interviewing random men. The
scene begins with VV approaching some clean-shaven CONFIDENT
guy in a neat suit.

VV: Uh.. S-S-Sir, which shaving cream do you use?

Guy1, confidently smiling: Godrej!


Guy1: Great shave, cologne fragrance! Wife loves it!

The guy is talking fast because he is in an elevator and has already reached his floor and is getting off. VV has to now pursue other guys, and he sees another
guy enter the elevator -

VV: Sir, which shaving cream do you -

Guy2 turns around and displays his beard, smiles and says, in a deep voice: ME?

Then comes the punchline in a voice similar to Richie Benaud(famous Australian cricketer) - "Godrej shaving cream, the one bright spot in a man's morning"

Dabur ka Lal Dantmanjan: (another famous ad) Scene: A classroom in some Hindi medium school in a village. There's a diagram of the front view of human teeth. Teacher has really really bad teeth. The teacher is played by T.P.Jain (who was the quintessential rapist in old Hindi films).

Teacher: Bacchon, yeh hai hamaare daaton ki banavat! (looks around) Raju! Tumharei daat to motiyon jaise chamak rahey hain!

Raju: (played by Master Bittu, I think): Kyon na ho, masterji, main Dabur ka Lal Dantmanjan jo istimaal karta hoon!

(a few more dialogues by the teacher, extolling Raju's good habits, which unfortunately I don't remember because the short version of this ad received more

Another student: Lekin masterji, AAPKE DAANT? !!!

(male) Daaton ki karey hifazat, moti sa chamkaaye!

(female) Dabur Lal Dantmanjam se mukhda khil khil jaaye!

(male voice-over) Kifaayti, aur asardaar! daato ki karey sampurna suraksha Dabur Lal Dantmanjan..

Limca: Weeelll.. now that we are talking about soft-drinks. There was a series of ads for Limca that had the following format:

Girl: Limca! Did you know Limca had...

Guy (choruses): Isotonic salts to quench your thirst?

(there was another one of these with a Surd guy saying something typical like "Oye ki farak painda, I drink Limca....")

Ajanta Toothbrush

This jingle is in a child's voice which shows an entire family standing in the bathroom and brushing their teeth happily..

Singer: Ajanta toothbrush Papa ka, Mamma ka, bhaiyya ka, didi kaa aur Ajanta mera..

(male voice over) - Saare parivar ke liye Ajanta toothbrush

Brittania Coconut Crunchies: Features Agha (not the son, the father)... on a tropical location...

Singer: Ek naariyal ped se toota! (falls with sound effects on Agha's head) (he takes it and starts to roast it)
Singer: senk-taap kar use pakaaya... khoob kurmura use banaaya... Britannia Coconut Crunchies!

(and a long time later, they added the later-produced Brittania signature tune at the end... the ting-ting-ti-ding, something like the Intel tan-tan-tan-tan!)

Gold Spot: The tennis court version...

(Guy): She's crazy about (something)
(Girl):As crazy as he's about (something else) and hits the tennis ball into the guy's mouth, who manages to remove it just before they sing: (together): As crazy as crazy as we're about... Gold Spot! The Zing Thing! Gold Spot (two bolts of thunder
courtesy synthesizer) Gold Spot !!!!!!

Cinkara: Did I just say Jaaved Jaffrey? This is vintage JJ.
The cute secretary in this ad with the wide huge 80s glasses

Anyways: JJ is overloaded with work. And just as he is about to think the pile on his desk can't get any bigger, the secretary hands him some more papers...

voice over: Yeh bechaara, kaam ke bojh ka maara!! (he faints)
voice over: Inhein chaahiye Hamdard Ka Cinkara

(JJ drinks it, and in the next scene, breaks through glass and hands in his reports with a flourish)

voice over: Hamdard ka tonic, Cinkara!

Coldarin: One of the earliest advertizements I remember watching. Very famous line. Man at work screws something up (maybe breaks some glass or drops a sheaf of papers) because he has cold and related headache, and senior goes:

Senior: Yeh kya haal bana rakha hai? Kuch lete kyon nahin?
Man: Bahut si dawaiyan lee, sir, but kuch farq hi nahin pada.
Senior: Coldarin lee?
Man: uh-huh
Senior: Tumhein maloom nahin? Coldarin sardi ki khaas dawa hai.
Voice over: Sardi se aaram, chusti se chale kaam! Coldarin!

Brooke Bond Red Label Chai: The typical young mom (also featured in the Maggi noodles ad) is at the market, and she asks the shopkeeper (who in reality provided the voice for many ads and voice-overs):

Woman: Aji Brooke Bond Red Label Chai to deejiye
Shopkeeper: Aji chai to chai hi hai, paani ubalo,patti daalo, doodh shakkar milao, aur pee jaao. Ismein kya khaas hai??!
Woman: Peeyo, to jaano!

(song, Preeti Sagar again):
Baagon ki taazgi laaye, packet bhar shuddhta aaye Brooke Bond Red Label Chai! Har baar tasalli dilaaye! Brooke Bond Red Label Chai! sachmuch hai bejod chai

(music stops, and woman continues): Aur daam bhi kifaayti!

Old Spice

This was a really international look ad even then..
It showed a man surfing on the high seas with the famous song "Carmina Burana" being played in the background it finally ends with the husky voice over saying the
punchline "Old Spice- The Markkk of a Man"

Maggi Noodles

It shows 2 kids back home from school having their ever smiling mother greet them

Kids : mummy bhooook lagi hai
Mummy (bade pyaar se) Bas do minute..

Jingle played in background with Maggi noodles, green peas and tomato shown floating in boiling water on screen :)
tang tang tang tang tang tang tang
tang tang tang tang tang tang tang
tang tang tang tang tang tang tang
Maggi Maggi Maggi..

Tata ka OK

It shows villagers washing clothes as if on a Dhobi ghaath with the voice over singing

(singer)Tata ka OK dhulai ka saabun..
(music) Chik chik chik showing females washing clothes..

(singer)Kapde jyada dhone wala..
(music) Chik chik chik

(singer)OK jyada shakti wala
(music) Chik chik chik showing a big village fellow with big moustache shown twirling his moutache :)

(chorus) Tata ka OK dhulai ka saabun.. Tata ka OK dhulai ka saabun.. Tata ka OK dhulai ka saabun..

Another ad for OK saabun.

Jo OK saabun se nahaaye...
Kamal saa khil jaaye..
OK nahaane ka badaa saabun...
followed by a very short pause and voice
sachmuch.. kaafi badaa hai...

Nirma (such a famous ad)

Shows Sangeeta Bijlani, Ekta Kapoor and 2 other females in sparkling white clothes putting Nirma powder in a tub of water and playing with the bubbles formed and then
flaunting their hands with a plastic smile across their faces ...

(female singer) Nirma Nirma.. Washing powder Nirma ... Doodh si safedi.. Nirma se
aaye.. Rangeen kapda bhi khil khil jaaye.. Sabki pasand Nirma (shows all the females holding a packet of Nirma powder in their hands and flaunting it)

Washing powder Nirma.. Washing powder Nirma ... Nirmaaa !!!

There is another ad for Nirmal washing soap with Sangeeta Bijlaani

(female singer) Nirma Nirma.. Nirma detergent tikiya.. iske jhaag ne jaado kar diya
Paani me rehke bhi yeh kam gale (to which Sangeeta Bijlani just picks up the Nirma bar lying in water and shows the lower end of the Nirma bar. Dhero kapde dhoye aur jyada chale (video of a pile of washed clothes stacked up nicely)

Nirma Nirma... Nirma detergent tikiya.. iske jhaag ne jaado kar diya

Nirma Super ka ad featuring the then famous "Sita"

Shopkeeper:: Aaiye Aaiye Deepika Ji, lijiye aapka sab samman tayar.
DeepikaJi:: Yeh Nahi Who!
Shopkeeper:: Par aap to hamesha mehengiwali tikiya…
DeepikaJi:: Leti thi..Par wahi zhag wahi safedi…
Kam(typical gujju tone) daamo me mile, to koi woh kyunle yeh naa le..
Shopkeeper:: Maan gaye
DeepikaJi:: Kise??
Shopkeeper:: Aapki paarkhi nazar aur nirma super…DONO KO!!
Nirma Super.. Dhulai ka Super DUM, Daam phir bhi kam…

Hamam soap

Chehre ki sundarta ko nikhare naya hamam ….
Saaf rakhe tan ko … de taazgi hamam…
Har ghar ka hai ye pyaara ….
Hamam hamam hamam …

There was one abt Lijjat papad…..

There is a bunny family and the jingle is like
“ehee ehee ehee karram kurram... kurram karram …… mazedaar lajjatdaar swad swad mein Lijjat Lijjat papad
(Ramdas Padhye's famous puppet says in a nasal tone): Lijjat papad ….ehee ehee ehee”

Bajaj scooters Ad
It shows a whole lot of families travelling on Bajaj scooters.
Jingle - “Buland bharat ki buland tasveeer.... Hamaara bajaj”

This one is for Pepsi composed by Shankar-Eshan-Loy.
This is the slogan of Pepsi much before “Yeh Dil Mange more..”

“Yeh hee hain right choice baby… aahaa” which has Remo Fernandes playing a song on piano and a small kid girl singing with him..

Another Pepsi Ad featuring Ash, Aamir Khan and Aditi Gowitrikar where Aamir's bell rings when he is with Aditi and just about to have Pepsi. He goes to open the door and see Ash saying "Hi I am Sanjana, your new neighbour. Do you have some Pepsi". Ash looking drop dead gorgeous in a green dress to go along with those green

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